Brandon Leedy is an Industrial Designer.

His aim is to make products that are worth remembering.


As an Industrial Designer for Help Design Co, a division of Stress Engineering Inc, I work with their wide range of international clients creating beautiful industrial design that works. I specialize in industrial design, but I'm also experienced in branding, packaging, and user interface design. Occasionally I take on outside freelance clients for fun and profit, in areas of design I don't get to explore at my day job. Much of this work surrounds my passions for woodworking and hand-lettering. Design is something I truly love. If you're looking for a passionate designer who has an attention to detail, and the ability to design products that work, then we should talk.


In June of 2011, I graduated from the University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP, with a B.S. in Industrial Design. After graduation in June, I worked at Stress Engineering Services on a full-time contract basis, and was hired full-time shortly after. In 2013, the Industrial Design business at SES grew to a new stage, becoming its own division, called the Help Design Co. Embedded within a world renowned engineering and predictive analysis firm, Help marries design and engineering from the outset to deliver design that works

Unlike traditional industrial design firms, in the Help design process, engineering and implementation is not merely an afterthought. As the creative arm of Stress Engineering Services, the team harnesses the ingenuity and consumer insights of a dedicated design team to the technical depth and experience of a major predictive analysis and engineering firm to create products that perform in the areas of  ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality, manufacturability and cost.


In May 2011, my graduating thesis, Common//Wealth, received the IDSA Midwest Bronze Award. It uses a system of mobile apps and a web service which helps creative workers share inspiration and collaborate on projects. It was designed in collaboration with my long-time best friend and fellow designer, Kyle A Koch.

In January 2011, my design for the "Eco-Easy Button" was selected as a finalist in the Global Staples Eco Easy Challenge. And in April, that concept won the global grand prize of $25,000. It was in development and patent processing shortly thereafter.

Past employment includes designing products at Frontgate, where I was able to have a number of high end products reach the market. Many of those products received great reviews and some are still available for purchase today. Prior to that, my work has been in Consumer Experience, Point of Purchase, and Specialty Packaging for Rock-Tenn, in partnership with P&G. 





Ball Jar & Canning

Kroger R&D




Rock Tenn



$25K Staples Global Eco-Easy Challenge

IDSA 2011 Midwest Professionals Bronze Award